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Meet the Team

Dr. Sokratis Dragonas

Doctor of Chiropractic/ Owner

Having spent much of his life pursuing athletic endeavors, Westfield chiropractor Dr. Sokratis Dragonas knew without a doubt that his life path would lead him into the health care field.

While still in college, he began to make the rounds of medical and chiropractic offices in his area, inquisitive and open to a career that would satisfy his need to heal others. He felt that chiropractic was the answer he was seeking, simply because it was such a natural and effective way to restore wellness to the body.

He opened Back & Body Medical Center, LLC his own practice in Westfield in 2007, loving the location because it is such a suburban environment, and is, as he says, “full of friendly people.”

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Michael Lee, LAc

Licensed Acupuncturist

Mike is a licensed acupuncturist with many years of experience. He helps patients heal naturally, relieve pain and achieve wellness by integrating his knowledge of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. Many patients choose to see him for his work, even if they are not receiving any chiropractic care. He is attention to detail and cautious especially with patients that may feel unsettled by needles.

He helps prevent, diagnose and treat a various list of conditions such as pain, arthritis, migraines, headaches, anxiety, depression, injury, diabetes, insomnia as well as many others.

Mike Lee

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Dr. Dan Cardellichio, DC. MS


Dr. Cardellichio brings 27 years of clinical experience as well as his vast knowledge of functional nutrition to Nutrition of Westfield.

Dr. Cardellichio holds an MS degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport where he serves as an Adjunct Professor. Diabetes, heart health, thyroid disorders, and autoimmune diseases are but a few conditions that functional nutrition plays a vital role. Dr. Cardellichio is a Leader and Educator in the field of Metabolic Nutrition and Functional Biochemistry.

Our office provides a comprehensive approach to evaluate your nutritional status. State of the art diagnostic testing and our clinical experience is used to help determine the cause of your condition and the best course of action for YOU. Together we will help you achieve your Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Goals.

Dr. Cardellichio is community orientated and has volunteered his time to baseball and hockey teams. Also, he is an elected official and has served as Vice-Chair of the Zoning Board of Adjustment and Chair of the Site-Review Committee for the Zoning Board. Dr. Cardellichio has also served on the Planning Board and has held numerous executive board positions.

Dr. Cardellichio is a dynamic, energetic, captivating and thought-provoking speaker. He looks forward to meeting you and to discuss your nutritional needs.

Dr. Cardellichio

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